Stijlvol Ondernemen

Met een huisstijl maak je jouw bedrijf zichtbaar. Maar alleen zichtbaar zijn is niet genoeg. Je wilt de juiste uitstraling hebben zodat je passende klanten aantrekt. En ja, de buitenkant is vaak waarop je beoordeeld wordt...     Hierbij…
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Looks Sells

Looks sells and there’s a good reason for. Why am I saying this? Because I personally hate advertising. Selling stuff you don’t need. Therefor I don’t advertise myself.   Good products don’t need ads Good products don’t…

Design to Express

Design isn’t my job, it’s a way of expressing myself.   When design is a job How to do a good job from 8 till 5? Just do what’s expected and maybe a little more. And leave the office just in time to start living. When design…
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Timeless Branding is an Art

Branding is simply said no more than putting your name, your identity on the items you want to promote as yours. Branding is a way of making the difference.

Hello World!

Powerful messages. Meanings. Stories. What makes good motivational communication? How to leave the biggest impact on your receivers?